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Actor - Filmmaker

Kirk Ryde

Screen grab from the short film "A Singularity". Actually I'm freezing. It was darn cold out there!


Kirk Ryde with cast & crew of Rope Trick

At the Culver City Film Festival for the premiere of "Rope Trick" with some key cast & crew.
L-R: Steve Silverman, John Brainard, Helia Ansari, Kirk Ryde, Pia Lamberg, Thomas Neal.


Recent Work

"True Nightmares" - Season 2 Episode 5 "Seeing Stars" - Investigation Discovery

I play Detective Steve Novak in this TV show directed by Geoffrey Madeja and featuring a wonderful cast including Lane Townsend, Jeff DuJardin, and my old "partner in the force" Kevin Caliber. It's always great to work with old friends and new friends on a world class shoot like this!  

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