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Kirk Ryde

Screen grab from the short film "A Singularity". Actually I'm freezing. It was darn cold out there!


Kirk Ryde with cast & crew of Rope Trick

At the Culver City Film Festival for the premiere of "Rope Trick" with some key cast & crew.
L-R: Steve Silverman, John Brainard, Helia Ansari, Kirk Ryde, Pia Lamberg, Thomas Neal.


What Have I Been Up To?

Wow it's been a busy time lately with film festivals and projects!

I recently joined the creative team of DBBZ Epic Minis web series - a series of short spoofs on security guards who take themselves just a bit too seriously, starring series creator & director Greg Yoder and these fine actors & writers: Reka Rene, William Patrick Coleman, Slim Khezri, Gev Kalian, and more!


I'm currently in development on a feature film (working title "The Landing") based on my experiences working for room and board at a run down retirement hotel in Los Angeles. It's "Animal House" meets "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" in this black comedy in which a jaded desk clerk receives a desperate phone call from a room that should be vacant.


Hey I'm also moderating the Actors Panel at the Culver City Film Festival coming up. The panel will discuss how actors can best use film festivals as a marketing strategy to advance their careers. I first began attending festivals purely as a filmmaker, but I've benefitted a lot as an actor as well, and my goal in assembling the panel was to put together some people who have had big successes as actors attending festivals, so that we can share our thoughts and strategies in order to help the acting community at large. This event is FREE and I'd love to see you there! CLICK HERE TO RSVP!


Recent Acting Work

"True Nightmares" - Season 2 Episode 5 "Seeing Stars" - Investigation Discovery. I play Detective Steve Novak in this TV show directed by Geoffrey Madeja and featuring a wonderful cast including Lane Townsend, Jeff DuJardin, and my old "partner in the force" Kevin Caliber. It's always great to work with old and new friends on a world class shoot like this!  

Check my News&Events page for more info & pics!